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Over view of the food and beverage industry, 2021 can be called the “The First Year of the Coconut”. From the raw coconut latte in April, the gorgeous raw coconut in June, to the raw coconut coconut in July, explosions continue to swept the market, and consumers are constantly realized that “coconut-flavored products” can be so delicious.

Yetai COCO Coconut  water with pulp

With the upgrade of healthy consumption, people have started to actively choose healthier drinks on the premise of delicious drinks. Under the market education in recent years, coconut water has gradually been favored by more consumers. Under the huge business opportunities, many domestic and foreign brands have entered the game. No doubt that in the next few years, it must be a period of market growth for coconut water beverages!

Coconut water drinks are well recognized due to below characteristics

The novel taste experience that is different from traditional coconut water firstly. The original coconut water is often sweet and refreshing, accompanied by a touch of coconut fragrance. Secondly, compared with the popular milk tea and soda, it has lower calories, and you can drink it without any worries. Most importantly, it is rich in various amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent choice for hydrating sweat during exercise.coconut water

Coco coconut water with large pulp has a balance between taste and nature. Upto 80% content of raw coconut water, rich in various amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and the coconut fragrance is natural. Q soft large coconut pulp is added and blended to make it more in line with the taste needs of consumers. It is healthy and of course it tastes better.

Strong competitiveness of Yetai coco big pulp coconut water

In recent years, the coconut water beverage market has gradually become popular, but the competition for market share has just begun, especially in third- and fourth-tier cities, most of which are still blue oceans. In addition, some brands have also experienced acclimatization when sinking into the market. On the one hand, due to the lack of market teams and channels, the product is difficult to spread; on the other hand, because some brands are looking for OEMs everywhere, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and fans are gradually lost. All of these gives Yetai Coco Coconut Water a good opportunity to enter the game.

Yetai coco big pulp coconut water

As a company that grown up with coconut juice beverages, Yetai has sufficient competitiveness in the coconut juice category. First of all, it has the advantages of coconut fruit supply chain, and can independently select high-quality coconut fruit to ensure the freshness of raw materials; secondly, Yetai is equipped with its own production base without OEM to ensure consistent quality; The last is that the market team and channel network can quickly form a large-scale influence.

Coco Coconut water

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