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0 Sugar Added Beverages becomes more and more popular.

With the improvement of consumers’ health awareness.

The health risks brought about by the intake of sugar have begun to be widely concerned. It is recommended for each person that the daily intake of added sugars not exceed 25 grams.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage


The raw material of Yetai 0 Sugar Coconut Beverage is raw coconut squeezed from fresh coconut meat and coconut water. The natural sugar Erythritol replaces the traditional high-calorie sucrose. It truly achieves 0 sucrose, 0 lactose and 0 trans fatty acids, and is a nearly unburdened drink with 0 sugar and low calorie.



It is worth mentioning that it tastes sweet and sweet, which is very different from the taste of ordinary drinks. Loebuck has more than 20 years of Coconut Beverage production Process & strict requirements on ingredients and proportions. This Coconut Beverage has excellent taste while retaining the original flavor of Coconut Beverage 0 sugar and delicious, satisfying the current situation general needs of consumers.

Here we have 280ml & 1L bottled package 0 Sugar Coconut Drink for option.



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