Coconut juice category is popular again

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At present, plant protein drinks with the concept of “light health” are very popular in the market. According to the “2020 Plant Protein Drink Innovation Trends”, coconut flavor is in the fastest growing echelon among plant protein drinks, with a growth rate of 109%. Among them, it is especially sought after by the generation Z and even the young people.

Coconut water with pulp

From the summer of 2021, a trend of “everything can be coconut” has swept the entire beverage market. With the rise of the new generation of consumers and the arrival of the consumption upgrade trend, coconut drinks including coconut milk, coconut water, thick coconut milk, etc. have accelerated their development and attracted more players to enter the game.

Pulp Coconut water

Yetai, a brand under Loebuck, which is famous for its coconut milk, has also continued to enrich its coconut taste, and successively launched 0-sugar coconut milk and coconut water with large pulp.

Coconut water pulp

Coconut water with pulp