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LOEBUCK Koukou Chun Series Yogurt Beverage has been recognized and loved by many consumers in the Chinese market.

Cheese Flavored Yogurt

Cheese Flavored Yogurt

Recently, the Koukou Chun Yogurt family has added a new member – Cheese flavored Yogurt.

When the mellow Cheese meets the passionate Yogurt, it is a surprise on the tip of the tongue. Open the taste bud feast with delicious Cheese, and encounter all kinds of customs with the passionate Yogurt. Koukou Chun Cheese-flavored Yogurt has a rich and mellow taste and rich milky fragrance. In terms of taste, flavor, aroma, packaging and other aspects, it has been upgraded on original Yogurt, allowing you to meet a better and better self.

Cheese flavor Yogurt Beverage

Cheese flavor Yogurt Beverage

Koukou Chun Cheese-flavored Yogurt was developed from the idea of French desserts.

The addition of Cheese makes the flavor of Yogurt dense and rich.

The two flavors of Cheese and Yogurt are intertwined and integrated, not simply 1+1 greater than 2 Instead,

it forms an unprecedented unique flavor, a new taste, richer nutrients, a more mellow taste experience, and a more charming unique flavor.

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