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9 04, 2022

Coconut juice category is popular again

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At present, plant protein drinks with the concept of “light health” are very popular in the market. According to the “2020 Plant Protein Drink Innovation Trends”, coconut flavor is in the fastest growing echelon among plant protein drinks, with a growth rate of 109%. Among them, it is especially sought after by the generation Z and even the young people.

Coconut water with pulp

From the summer of 2021, a trend of “everything can be coconut” has swept the entire beverage market. With the rise of the new generation of consumers and the arrival of the consumption upgrade trend, coconut drinks including coconut milk, coconut water, thick coconut milk, etc. have accelerated their development and attracted more players to enter the game.

Pulp Coconut water

Yetai, a brand under Loebuck, which is famous for its coconut milk, has also continued to enrich its coconut taste, and successively launched 0-sugar coconut milk and coconut water with large pulp.

Coconut water pulp

Coconut water with pulp

30 03, 2022

Yetai launched a new COCO coconut water to meet the hot market demand

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Over view of the food and beverage industry, 2021 can be called the “The First Year of the Coconut”. From the raw coconut latte in April, the gorgeous raw coconut in June, to the raw coconut coconut in July, explosions continue to swept the market, and consumers are constantly realized that “coconut-flavored products” can be so delicious.

Yetai COCO Coconut  water with pulp

With the upgrade of healthy consumption, people have started to actively choose healthier drinks on the premise of delicious drinks. Under the market education in recent years, coconut water has gradually been favored by more consumers. Under the huge business opportunities, many domestic and foreign brands have entered the game. No doubt that in the next few years, it must be a period of market growth for coconut water beverages!

Coconut water drinks are well recognized due to below characteristics

The novel taste experience that is different from traditional coconut water firstly. The original coconut water is often sweet and refreshing, accompanied by a touch of coconut fragrance. Secondly, compared with the popular milk tea and soda, it has lower calories, and you can drink it without any worries. Most importantly, it is rich in various amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent choice for hydrating sweat during exercise.coconut water

Coco coconut water with large pulp has a balance between taste and nature. Upto 80% content of raw coconut water, rich in various amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and the coconut fragrance is natural. Q soft large coconut pulp is added and blended to make it more in line with the taste needs of consumers. It is healthy and of course it tastes better.

Strong competitiveness of Yetai coco big pulp coconut water

In recent years, the coconut water beverage market has gradually become popular, but the competition for market share has just begun, especially in third- and fourth-tier cities, most of which are still blue oceans. In addition, some brands have also experienced acclimatization when sinking into the market. On the one hand, due to the lack of market teams and channels, the product is difficult to spread; on the other hand, because some brands are looking for OEMs everywhere, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and fans are gradually lost. All of these gives Yetai Coco Coconut Water a good opportunity to enter the game.

Yetai coco big pulp coconut water

As a company that grown up with coconut juice beverages, Yetai has sufficient competitiveness in the coconut juice category. First of all, it has the advantages of coconut fruit supply chain, and can independently select high-quality coconut fruit to ensure the freshness of raw materials; secondly, Yetai is equipped with its own production base without OEM to ensure consistent quality; The last is that the market team and channel network can quickly form a large-scale influence.

Coco Coconut water

9 03, 2022

Why people prefer 0 Sugar 0 Fat 0 Calorie Beverages?

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It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as 0 Sugar Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. 

Drink with Sugar

Drink with Sugar

It meets the taste of buds’ demand for sweetness. 0 Calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 Sugar, 0Fat, and 0Calorie Sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as Sugar-free Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. Because of its low calorie and the characteristics of meeting the taste buds’ demand for sweetness, zero-calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 sugar 0fat and 0 calorie sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


The dangers of sugar are becoming more and more popular. “Sugar reduction” has changed from innovation to standard.


The definition of sugar in the World Health Organization’s sugar reduction recommendations:


The World Health Organization’s 2014 Guidelines for Sugar Intake in Adults and Children recommend that both children and adults should limit sugar intake to less than 10% of their total energy intake. According to the WHO definition, the “sugar reduction” recommendations here are only for free sugars and do not include sugars in whole fruits and vegetables.


Free sugars include monosaccharides and disaccharides added to Beverages & foods by manufacturers as well as sugars naturally present in honey and syrups. The sugar in the sugar-sweetened beverages we drink, the sugar added when making pastries, the sugar added when cooking, etc. are all free sugars.

Soda No Sugar

Soda No Sugar


It is going to keep hot selling for 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories Beverages

23 02, 2022

Upgrade Tasty New Cheese Flavored Yogurt

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Kou Kou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt family adds a new member

Koukou Chun, as the main brand of yogurt category of Yetai Company, has grown from scratch, from good to excellent, constantly upgraded and iterated, and innovative items have been updated. In just a few years, it has grown into an existence that cannot be ignored in the yogurt category. The annual sales performance has increased exponentially, covering more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, and has won the recognition and love of many consumers in the terminal market.

Koukouchun cheese-flavored yogurt

Recently, the Koukou Chun yogurt family has added a new member – cheese-flavored yogurt. When the mellow cheese meets the passionate yogurt, it is a surprise on the tip of the tongue, opening the taste bud feast with delicious cheese, and encountering all kinds of customs with the passionate yogurt. Koukou Chun cheese-flavored yogurt has a rich and mellow taste and rich milky fragrance. In terms of taste, flavor, aroma, packaging, and other aspects, it has been upgraded on original yogurt, allowing you to meet a better and better self.

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, More Nutritious

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt was developed from the idea of French desserts. The addition of cheese makes the flavor of yogurt dense and rich. The two flavors of cheese and yogurt are intertwined and integrated, not simply 1+1 greater than 2 Instead, it forms an unprecedented unique flavor, a new taste, richer nutrients, a more mellow taste experience, and a more charming unique flavor.

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, More Nutritious

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, much healthier

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt is imported from Germany with a fully automatic production line, aseptic cold filling, and milk source imported from New Zealand, to ensure the high quality of yogurt from the source, truly deep fermentation, 0 pigments, 0 preservatives, 0 trans-fatty acids, continue to make a contribution to health to meet your health needs, while enriching the taste, adhere to the product concept of “healthy, natural and simple”, and find the perfect balance between health and taste, nutrition and flavor.

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, much more new trendy

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, the appearance of cheese golden yellow and milky white, warm color matching, new trendy color contrast, rich layering, 280ml capacity, exquisite and compact, easy to carry, suitable for a variety of life scenes, let you anytime and anywhere, enjoying the delicious taste, and continuing the best-selling gene of plain yogurt is bound to be highly recognized by the terminal market, capture the hearts of consumers, and trigger a new round of yogurt storm.

Koukou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, much more new trendy

Improve the product matrix and continue the sales myth

Guangdong Yetai, with a keen market sense, has continuously launched product series with high market recognition, and further improved the product matrix. The launch of gift box, family, and banquet suits meets the needs of different consumption scenarios, and adheres to the principle of “Products is a character, the commerce is a humanitarian “, clearly grasping the context of market development, building a differentiated product array, and improving support services, such as promotion, after-sales service, market activities, etc., are already in the forefront of the industry, actively seeking New changes, self-renewal.

Improve the product matrix and continue the sales myth

Though Kou Kou Chun Yogurt series, in all categories, came later, however occupying an increasingly important position, together with Yetai Coconut Milk series to form “Yetai Twin Stars”, is the absolute main force, the latest Kou Kou Chun Cheese Flavored Yogurt, adding another hero to the yogurt family will help Yetai products to open up a wider market during the peak sales season, stabilize the moat of Yetai products, and continue to expand the boundaries of the terminal market

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