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9 03, 2022

Why people prefer 0 Sugar 0 Fat 0 Calorie Beverages?

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It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as 0 Sugar Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. 

Drink with Sugar

Drink with Sugar

It meets the taste of buds’ demand for sweetness. 0 Calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 Sugar, 0Fat, and 0Calorie Sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as Sugar-free Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. Because of its low calorie and the characteristics of meeting the taste buds’ demand for sweetness, zero-calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 sugar 0fat and 0 calorie sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


The dangers of sugar are becoming more and more popular. “Sugar reduction” has changed from innovation to standard.


The definition of sugar in the World Health Organization’s sugar reduction recommendations:


The World Health Organization’s 2014 Guidelines for Sugar Intake in Adults and Children recommend that both children and adults should limit sugar intake to less than 10% of their total energy intake. According to the WHO definition, the “sugar reduction” recommendations here are only for free sugars and do not include sugars in whole fruits and vegetables.


Free sugars include monosaccharides and disaccharides added to Beverages & foods by manufacturers as well as sugars naturally present in honey and syrups. The sugar in the sugar-sweetened beverages we drink, the sugar added when making pastries, the sugar added when cooking, etc. are all free sugars.

Soda No Sugar

Soda No Sugar


It is going to keep hot selling for 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories Beverages

2 03, 2022

What Ingredients used for Zero Calorie Drinks?

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Zero Calorie Drinks are getting more and more popular now. There are 3 main 0 Calorie Sugar ingredients for  for Zero Calorie Drinks. They are erythritol, stevia, and mogroside.



1. Erythritol for Zero Calorie Drinks 




The sweetness is 75% of that of sucrose. It is widely found in fermented foods such as soy sauce, sauces, wine, and cheese.

It is not easy to be degraded by enzymes. It does not participate in sugar metabolism. It does not cause blood sugar changes functional foods or beverages for people with obesity, etc.  Erythritol’s anti-caries properties cannot be utilized by pathogenic bacteria such as mutant Streptococcus.  It has a positive effect on protecting children’s oral health to make Candy, children’s toothpaste and chewing gum with erythritol.

2. Stevia for Zero Calorie Drinks 



Stevia is extracted from the Compositae herb Stevia, which is native to the alpine grasslands at the border of Paraguay and Brazil in South America. The sweetness is 200 times that of sucrose. The taste is fresh and refreshing. There is no bitterness after. It is not easy for people to gain weight after eating for a long time. It is especially suitable for patients with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, children’s dental caries and other diseases, with high safety.

3. Mogroside for Zero Calorie Drinks 



Mogroside is extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Luo Han Guo. The sweetness of Mogroside is 400 times that of sucrose. However, the sweet substance of Luo Han Guo is different from that of ordinary sweets, mainly sweet glycosides (mogroside). It is an ideal sweet substitute for people with diabetes and high blood sugar.

These are all products approved by the WHO for Zero Calorie Drinks .


9 02, 2022

The Efficacy and Role of various Beverages

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Beverage Knowledges

Keep updating Beverages common sense, precautions, safety precautions, and some production tutorials and steps for Beverage Desserts, so that you can enjoy delicious Food & Beverages at home.

Food Beverages

The Efficacy and role of various Beverages

1. Bottled Water Beverages


The main function is to supplement the body’s Water. Mineral Water can provide certain trace elements.  Pure Water is not suitable for frequent drinking due to the lack of essential minerals, trace elements and beneficial bacteria.


2. Tea Beverages.


Green Tea Beverage has antioxidant and anti-fatigue effects and is suitable for long-term Drinking. Black Tea has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, but the antioxidant and anti-fatigue effects of Black Tea Beverage are less obvious than Green Tea.

3. Fruit Juice Beverages

The Fruit Juice Beverages are rich in Vitamins, Carotene and other substances, and has health value such as anti-oxidation, aid in digestion and increase physical energy.

4. Vegetable Beverages.

Vegetable Beverages have the functions of anti-oxidation, supplementing dietary fiber, etc., and has good health value.


5. Yogurt Beverages.

Ordinary  Yogurt Beverages can supplement certain nutrients, and some special Yogurt Beverages can provide calcium and vitamins needed by the human body, and the effect of drinking dairy products directly is better.

Cheese Flavored Yogurt Beverage

Yogurt Beverage

6. Plant Protein Beverage.

Plant Protein Beverage provides Energy and Protein, almond Beverages also has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, walnut has a brain-enhancing effect because of phospholipids and Plant Protein Beverage is a Beverage with high health value.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

7.Carbonated Beverages.


Carbonated Beverages have good taste and cooling effect, and can replenish water, but excessive drinking may cause osteoporosis.


The above is the content about the efficacy and role of various Beverages. Please pay attention to our website for more related content .


22 01, 2022

Why 0 Sugar Beverage?

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0 Sugar Added Beverages becomes more and more popular.

With the improvement of consumers’ health awareness.

The health risks brought about by the intake of sugar have begun to be widely concerned. It is recommended for each person that the daily intake of added sugars not exceed 25 grams.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage


The raw material of Yetai 0 Sugar Coconut Beverage is raw coconut squeezed from fresh coconut meat and coconut water. The natural sugar Erythritol replaces the traditional high-calorie sucrose. It truly achieves 0 sucrose, 0 lactose and 0 trans fatty acids, and is a nearly unburdened drink with 0 sugar and low calorie.



It is worth mentioning that it tastes sweet and sweet, which is very different from the taste of ordinary drinks. Loebuck has more than 20 years of Coconut Beverage production Process & strict requirements on ingredients and proportions. This Coconut Beverage has excellent taste while retaining the original flavor of Coconut Beverage 0 sugar and delicious, satisfying the current situation general needs of consumers.

Here we have 280ml & 1L bottled package 0 Sugar Coconut Drink for option.



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