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23 03, 2022

Yetai Beverage expanded its territory and added four new products to support the brand moat

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Yetai Beverage expanded its territory and

added four new products to support the brand moat

Yetai Beverage expands territory and preemptively occupies high ground

Although the epidemic situation continues to spread across the country, beverage production has maintained double-digit growth,

and people’s enthusiasm for beverage consumption has not diminished. In the selection of beverages, it has begun to tend to be

diversified, multi-category, and multi-scene, and different scenes require diverse categories.

Yetai Beverage expands territory and preemptively occupies high ground

Yetai Beverage has seen the changes in the market very early, reacted quickly, preemptively, proactively seeking innovation and

changes, accelerating product upgrades and iterations, and keeping close to the needs of consumers. Launch new products and

occupy the high ground of the corresponding category.

QUICKROVER POWER Glucose Rehydration Liquid,

fast hydration and quick recharge

Recently, the QUICKROVER POWER family has added a new member – glucose hydrating solution, which is rich in up to 11.5% glucose.

It has been scientifically verified that 11.5% glucose is very easily absorbed by the human body and can quickly replenish the water and

energy required by the body.

QUICKROVER POWER Glucose Rehydration Liquid, fast hydration and quick recharge

QUICKROVER POWER Glucose Rehydration Liquid is specially added with zinc gluconate. It is very suitable for drinking in various

life scenarios such as before and after exercise, excessive drinking, hunger and fatigue, long-distance driving, hypoglycemia and dizziness,

with 0 fat, 0 pigment, and 0 carbonic acid. , more secure and healthier.

QUICKROVER POWER fortified vitamin drink, large capacity, more enjoyable

During the on-site investigation at the channel terminal, it was found that the people who have real consumption needs for

QUICKROVER POWER energy are all focusing on a certain job for a long time, or staying up late to work overtime, or doing physical labor, which consumes a lot of energy on the human body and requires energy supply. More durable, lasts quite a while.

QUICKROVER POWER fortified vitamin drink, large capacity, more enjoyable

Based on the deep insight into the terminal consumption, QUICKROVER POWER Fortified Vitamin Functional Drink came into being.

While strengthening taurine, it is rich in vitamin C, with a large capacity of 900ml, longer battery life, more energy, and re-optimized

taste of people to provide strong protection.

D+ vitamin drink, low sugar and zero fat, seven nutrients

As the sincere work of Guangdong Yetai’s deep cultivation of functional beverages, D+ Dynamic Energy Vitamin Beverage has devoted

the efforts of Yetai Company and gathered the fine tradition of Yetai beverages. It is a representative work born under the long-term strategy

and high-quality thinking. many advantages in the market.

D+ vitamin drink, low sugar and zero fat, seven nutrients

D+ dynamic energy vitamin drink, not only vitamins, but also minerals, dietary fiber, etc., contains up to 7 kinds of nutrients, there are

orange flavor, lime flavor, peach flavor to choose from, low sugar and zero fat continue to add weight to health, every day One bottle, 100% status.

Aiermu fermented juice, breakfast and dinner, daily companion

Aiermu fermented compound fruit juice drink is made of fresh fruit pulped and fermented with probiotics. The original juice content

exceeds 50%. It has a fresh and sweet taste far better than ordinary fruit juice. It is like the enjoyment of real fruit, rich in vitamins,

morning and evening. One cup of each, healthy every day.

Aiermu fermented juice, breakfast and dinner, daily companion

Aiermu fermented juice made a grand debut with a brand-new visual image, which made people’s eyes shine. The bottle has a big “light” character.

It uses a visual hammer to implant the light and healthy product concept into consumers’ minds. Coexist with strength, health and taste.

Four new products made a shocking appearance, strongly blessing Yetai brand

Yetai Beverage, after more than 20 years of market precipitation and brand accumulation, aims to build a beverage brand with higher nationality.

It has almost strict requirements for products and maintains a high degree of sensitivity to the market. Every new product is launched

with thoroughly considered.

Four new products made a shocking appearance, strongly blessing Yetai brand

The above four new products recently launched have opened the prelude to the product layout of Yetai Beverage in 2022, injected fresh

blood into the product array, built a solid product line of defense, built the Great Wall of Yetai product matrix, maintained its leading edge,

and developed A new chapter for Yetai Beverage.

16 03, 2022

A bottle XIAOQINGGAN sweetness every day, moisturizing the mouth and refreshing the heart, green mood

By |2022-03-16T17:33:45+08:00March 16, 2022|Blogs & News|0 Comments

A bottle XIAOQINGGAN sweetness every day, moisturizing the mouth and refreshing the heart, green mood

Guangdong herbal tea

Drink a bottle of Xiaoqinggan every day, moisten the mouth and refresh the heart, let us maintain a good mood, not be influenced by the hustle and bustle of life, and be very happy.

Chinese herbal tea drink

Human, as an organic whole, must be comfortable both inside and outside the environment. With the progress of society, people have paid more and more attention to the creation of the external environment, but often ignore whether the inner world is smooth.

Yetai Beverage, the Xiaoqinggan herbal tea series, takes “big health” as the starting point, finds the source of inspiration from “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, selects a variety of herbs and brews slowly, natural herbs Fragrant, fresh and natural, it is refreshing and pleasant, and the mood is also calmed, and the body and mind are relaxed and comfortable.

healthy drink

Recently, Xiaoqinggan has launched an upgraded version – 0 sugar honeysuckle dew, a classic combination of two flowers and one grass. While inheriting the essence of Xiaoqinggan, it has achieved 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories, health upgrades, and happiness doubled. Anytime, anywhere, no worries, drink whenever you want.

0 sugar honeysuckle dew

A good drink should not only have outstanding taste and healthy ingredients, but more importantly, it should make people feel comfortable, naturally comfortable, and bring comfort to the soul. Only when the body and mind are happy can it be regarded as true health.

Xiaoqinggan exudes vigor, fresh and bright, full of vigor and vitality, and has unlimited potential because it is representative of physical and mental health. It is a herbal drink in itself, with its own health attributes. Go for spiritual healing and health.

9 03, 2022

Why people prefer 0 Sugar 0 Fat 0 Calorie Beverages?

By |2022-03-09T09:14:09+08:00March 9, 2022|Blogs & News, Trends, Uncategorized|0 Comments

It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as 0 Sugar Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. 

Drink with Sugar

Drink with Sugar

It meets the taste of buds’ demand for sweetness. 0 Calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 Sugar, 0Fat, and 0Calorie Sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


It can be seen from the recent consumption data that healthy consumption such as Sugar-free Beverages has grown strongly among people of all ages. Because of its low calorie and the characteristics of meeting the taste buds’ demand for sweetness, zero-calorie sugar has become a consumer Popular items to buy. New terms such as anti-sugar, 0 sugar 0fat and 0 calorie sugar emerge one after another, which once again refreshes people’s judgment on food choices.


The dangers of sugar are becoming more and more popular. “Sugar reduction” has changed from innovation to standard.


The definition of sugar in the World Health Organization’s sugar reduction recommendations:


The World Health Organization’s 2014 Guidelines for Sugar Intake in Adults and Children recommend that both children and adults should limit sugar intake to less than 10% of their total energy intake. According to the WHO definition, the “sugar reduction” recommendations here are only for free sugars and do not include sugars in whole fruits and vegetables.


Free sugars include monosaccharides and disaccharides added to Beverages & foods by manufacturers as well as sugars naturally present in honey and syrups. The sugar in the sugar-sweetened beverages we drink, the sugar added when making pastries, the sugar added when cooking, etc. are all free sugars.

Soda No Sugar

Soda No Sugar


It is going to keep hot selling for 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories Beverages

2 03, 2022

What Ingredients used for Zero Calorie Drinks?

By |2022-03-02T10:10:14+08:00March 2, 2022|Trends|0 Comments

Zero Calorie Drinks are getting more and more popular now. There are 3 main 0 Calorie Sugar ingredients for  for Zero Calorie Drinks. They are erythritol, stevia, and mogroside.



1. Erythritol for Zero Calorie Drinks 




The sweetness is 75% of that of sucrose. It is widely found in fermented foods such as soy sauce, sauces, wine, and cheese.

It is not easy to be degraded by enzymes. It does not participate in sugar metabolism. It does not cause blood sugar changes functional foods or beverages for people with obesity, etc.  Erythritol’s anti-caries properties cannot be utilized by pathogenic bacteria such as mutant Streptococcus.  It has a positive effect on protecting children’s oral health to make Candy, children’s toothpaste and chewing gum with erythritol.

2. Stevia for Zero Calorie Drinks 



Stevia is extracted from the Compositae herb Stevia, which is native to the alpine grasslands at the border of Paraguay and Brazil in South America. The sweetness is 200 times that of sucrose. The taste is fresh and refreshing. There is no bitterness after. It is not easy for people to gain weight after eating for a long time. It is especially suitable for patients with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, children’s dental caries and other diseases, with high safety.

3. Mogroside for Zero Calorie Drinks 



Mogroside is extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Luo Han Guo. The sweetness of Mogroside is 400 times that of sucrose. However, the sweet substance of Luo Han Guo is different from that of ordinary sweets, mainly sweet glycosides (mogroside). It is an ideal sweet substitute for people with diabetes and high blood sugar.

These are all products approved by the WHO for Zero Calorie Drinks .


16 02, 2022

Beverages to drink in winter?

By |2022-02-16T11:11:35+08:00February 16, 2022|Blogs & News|0 Comments

It is Winter is undoubtedly a torture for someone like me who likes Beverages. Here is a list of Beverages recommended by Loebuck for drinking in winter.

Winter Drink

Winter Drink

1.Yetai Coconut Drink

Coconut Drink can be heated. The general practice is to soak the coconut juice in hot water for a period of time, and then drink it when it becomes warm.

It is not advisable to heat directly, as direct heating will slightly change the texture and taste.

The Coconut Drink sold on the surface is bottled or canned, and must not be heated in a microwave oven to avoid explosion.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

  2.Loebuck Coffee

Loebuck Coffee

Loebuck Coffee

Coffee can be served both hot and cold.

In the early morning, a cup of steaming Loebuck Coffee will drive you away from the coldness of winter and keep you warm all day long. Whether it is work or study, it will be more effective with half the effort.

If you don’t want to brew it yourself, you can choose bottled Loebuck Coffee, which is ready to drink and won’t feel cold at room temperature.

The drinking temperature of coffee should not be too high.


3.Herbal Tea

Guangdong Herb tea, health drink

Chinese Herbal Tea Drinks

The Xiaoqinggan Herbal Tea is a botanical beverage made from 12 kinds of herbs. Similar to coffee, it can also be served hot or cold.

In winter, pour XiaoQinggan Herbal Tea into the pot to heat it up, and feel the warm currents stirring in your heart. Xiaoqinggan Herbal Tea is the best companion for hot pot. It is a hot drink in winter.

9 02, 2022

The Efficacy and Role of various Beverages

By |2022-03-04T16:23:57+08:00February 9, 2022|Trends|0 Comments

Beverage Knowledges

Keep updating Beverages common sense, precautions, safety precautions, and some production tutorials and steps for Beverage Desserts, so that you can enjoy delicious Food & Beverages at home.

Food Beverages

The Efficacy and role of various Beverages

1. Bottled Water Beverages


The main function is to supplement the body’s Water. Mineral Water can provide certain trace elements.  Pure Water is not suitable for frequent drinking due to the lack of essential minerals, trace elements and beneficial bacteria.


2. Tea Beverages.


Green Tea Beverage has antioxidant and anti-fatigue effects and is suitable for long-term Drinking. Black Tea has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, but the antioxidant and anti-fatigue effects of Black Tea Beverage are less obvious than Green Tea.

3. Fruit Juice Beverages

The Fruit Juice Beverages are rich in Vitamins, Carotene and other substances, and has health value such as anti-oxidation, aid in digestion and increase physical energy.

4. Vegetable Beverages.

Vegetable Beverages have the functions of anti-oxidation, supplementing dietary fiber, etc., and has good health value.


5. Yogurt Beverages.

Ordinary  Yogurt Beverages can supplement certain nutrients, and some special Yogurt Beverages can provide calcium and vitamins needed by the human body, and the effect of drinking dairy products directly is better.

Cheese Flavored Yogurt Beverage

Yogurt Beverage

6. Plant Protein Beverage.

Plant Protein Beverage provides Energy and Protein, almond Beverages also has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, walnut has a brain-enhancing effect because of phospholipids and Plant Protein Beverage is a Beverage with high health value.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

7.Carbonated Beverages.


Carbonated Beverages have good taste and cooling effect, and can replenish water, but excessive drinking may cause osteoporosis.


The above is the content about the efficacy and role of various Beverages. Please pay attention to our website for more related content .


25 01, 2022

2022 Chinese Tiger New Year Holidays Notice

By |2022-02-14T14:30:58+08:00January 25, 2022|Company News|0 Comments

The 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon.

Please be informed that Loebuck will be closed from 28 Jan. to 6 Feb. 2022 for the New Year holidays. We will resume office on 7 Feb. 2022. We’d like to say Happy New Year to everybody & wish you a Happy Chinese Tiger New Year with  Safety, Health, Happiness & Prosperity. Please leave message on website or send email to sales(@) We will reply you on Feb 7th the latest. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy Tiger New Year

Happy Tiger New Year

22 01, 2022

Why 0 Sugar Beverage?

By |2022-02-14T14:31:47+08:00January 22, 2022|Blogs & News, Trends|0 Comments

0 Sugar Added Beverages becomes more and more popular.

With the improvement of consumers’ health awareness.

The health risks brought about by the intake of sugar have begun to be widely concerned. It is recommended for each person that the daily intake of added sugars not exceed 25 grams.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage


The raw material of Yetai 0 Sugar Coconut Beverage is raw coconut squeezed from fresh coconut meat and coconut water. The natural sugar Erythritol replaces the traditional high-calorie sucrose. It truly achieves 0 sucrose, 0 lactose and 0 trans fatty acids, and is a nearly unburdened drink with 0 sugar and low calorie.



It is worth mentioning that it tastes sweet and sweet, which is very different from the taste of ordinary drinks. Loebuck has more than 20 years of Coconut Beverage production Process & strict requirements on ingredients and proportions. This Coconut Beverage has excellent taste while retaining the original flavor of Coconut Beverage 0 sugar and delicious, satisfying the current situation general needs of consumers.

Here we have 280ml & 1L bottled package 0 Sugar Coconut Drink for option.



19 01, 2022

New Cheese Flavor Yogurt Drink

By |2022-02-14T14:31:47+08:00January 19, 2022|Blogs & News|0 Comments

LOEBUCK Koukou Chun Series Yogurt Beverage has been recognized and loved by many consumers in the Chinese market.

Cheese Flavored Yogurt

Cheese Flavored Yogurt

Recently, the Koukou Chun Yogurt family has added a new member – Cheese flavored Yogurt.

When the mellow Cheese meets the passionate Yogurt, it is a surprise on the tip of the tongue. Open the taste bud feast with delicious Cheese, and encounter all kinds of customs with the passionate Yogurt. Koukou Chun Cheese-flavored Yogurt has a rich and mellow taste and rich milky fragrance. In terms of taste, flavor, aroma, packaging and other aspects, it has been upgraded on original Yogurt, allowing you to meet a better and better self.

Cheese flavor Yogurt Beverage

Cheese flavor Yogurt Beverage

Koukou Chun Cheese-flavored Yogurt was developed from the idea of French desserts.

The addition of Cheese makes the flavor of Yogurt dense and rich.

The two flavors of Cheese and Yogurt are intertwined and integrated, not simply 1+1 greater than 2 Instead,

it forms an unprecedented unique flavor, a new taste, richer nutrients, a more mellow taste experience, and a more charming unique flavor.

15 01, 2022

Herbal Tea Beverage Filling Machine

By |2022-02-14T14:31:47+08:00January 15, 2022|Company News|0 Comments

Loebuck has equipped with Tea Beverage Hot Filling Machine in 2000 since the former company name Guanghzou Beiqi Beverage.

The Herbal Tea Beverage Hot Filling machinery and equipment adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize automatic bottle washing, filling, capping and other processes. Filling equipment automatic cleaning system and control program.

Tea hot filling machine

Tea hot filling machine



The Beverage Hot-filling Machinery and equipment adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize fully automatic bottle flushing, filling, capping and other processes. The automatic cleaning system and control program of the filling equipment, the parts in contact with the liquid are all made of high-quality stainless steel materials and food-grade rubber, which are hygienic and easy to clean. The series of bottled tea beverage filling machines are suitable for Herbal Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Milk Tea Beverages and other Beverage filling.

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