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It is Winter is undoubtedly a torture for someone like me who likes Beverages. Here is a list of Beverages recommended by Loebuck for drinking in winter.

Winter Drink

Winter Drink

1.Yetai Coconut Drink

Coconut Drink can be heated. The general practice is to soak the coconut juice in hot water for a period of time, and then drink it when it becomes warm.

It is not advisable to heat directly, as direct heating will slightly change the texture and taste.

The Coconut Drink sold on the surface is bottled or canned, and must not be heated in a microwave oven to avoid explosion.

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

0 Sugar Coconut Juice Beverage

  2.Loebuck Coffee

Loebuck Coffee

Loebuck Coffee

Coffee can be served both hot and cold.

In the early morning, a cup of steaming Loebuck Coffee will drive you away from the coldness of winter and keep you warm all day long. Whether it is work or study, it will be more effective with half the effort.

If you don’t want to brew it yourself, you can choose bottled Loebuck Coffee, which is ready to drink and won’t feel cold at room temperature.

The drinking temperature of coffee should not be too high.


3.Herbal Tea

Guangdong Herb tea, health drink

Chinese Herbal Tea Drinks

The Xiaoqinggan Herbal Tea is a botanical beverage made from 12 kinds of herbs. Similar to coffee, it can also be served hot or cold.

In winter, pour XiaoQinggan Herbal Tea into the pot to heat it up, and feel the warm currents stirring in your heart. Xiaoqinggan Herbal Tea is the best companion for hot pot. It is a hot drink in winter.

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