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A bottle XIAOQINGGAN sweetness every day, moisturizing the mouth and refreshing the heart, green mood

Guangdong herbal tea

Drink a bottle of Xiaoqinggan every day, moisten the mouth and refresh the heart, let us maintain a good mood, not be influenced by the hustle and bustle of life, and be very happy.

Chinese herbal tea drink

Human, as an organic whole, must be comfortable both inside and outside the environment. With the progress of society, people have paid more and more attention to the creation of the external environment, but often ignore whether the inner world is smooth.

Yetai Beverage, the Xiaoqinggan herbal tea series, takes “big health” as the starting point, finds the source of inspiration from “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, selects a variety of herbs and brews slowly, natural herbs Fragrant, fresh and natural, it is refreshing and pleasant, and the mood is also calmed, and the body and mind are relaxed and comfortable.

healthy drink

Recently, Xiaoqinggan has launched an upgraded version – 0 sugar honeysuckle dew, a classic combination of two flowers and one grass. While inheriting the essence of Xiaoqinggan, it has achieved 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories, health upgrades, and happiness doubled. Anytime, anywhere, no worries, drink whenever you want.

0 sugar honeysuckle dew

A good drink should not only have outstanding taste and healthy ingredients, but more importantly, it should make people feel comfortable, naturally comfortable, and bring comfort to the soul. Only when the body and mind are happy can it be regarded as true health.

Xiaoqinggan exudes vigor, fresh and bright, full of vigor and vitality, and has unlimited potential because it is representative of physical and mental health. It is a herbal drink in itself, with its own health attributes. Go for spiritual healing and health.

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