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New arrivals in early summer-iced myrica rubra in Yangmei Village

After the May Day holiday, summer comes as promised. The temperature gradually rises, and it is hot and dry. At the same time, the bayberry on the tree also began to mature, from light red to dark red, with bright color, sweet and sour taste, delicious juice and rich nutrition.


Bayberry is rich in vitamins, cellulose, minerals, etc., of which the content of calcium, phosphorus and iron is more than 10 times higher than that of other fruits. If you want to choose the most suitable fruit for summer, then bayberry must be on the list.

Because bayberry is not easy to store, and it is afraid of being squeezed, it is not easy to transport. It is not easy to taste the freshness of bayberry in the whole hot summer.

Iced myrica rubra

Guangdong Yetai, starting from the market consumer demand, launched the Yangmei Village Ice myrica rubra, which is fruity, sweet and sour, so that people can enjoy the delicious original taste of bayberry juice anytime, anywhere. It selects high-quality bayberry and locks it through low-temperature cold-pressing technology. The original flavor of bayberry gets rid of the season and limitation of bayberry preservation, and cures all the annoying heat in summer.

Different delicacy, multiple scenes, multiple ways to eat

Iced myrica rubra is perfect as a summer drink. It has a combination of coolness, freshness, sweetness and sourness. You can drink it directly when you are thirsty, or you can put it in the freezer to make it into a smoothie state. Drinks, delicious variety, fruity natural aroma.

Iced myria

On the table, have a cup of iced myrica rubra to drive away the heat and start a cool summer;

Afternoon tea, refrigerate into a smoothie, scoop with a spoon, and enjoy real ice;

Prepare more ice bayberry in the refrigerator, eat it if you want, and experience the full ice.

ice myrica

The storage of iced myrica rubra needs to be frozen in order to maintain a good color and taste. In summer, the freezers of the merchants are frequently opened, and the visual impact of the ice bayberry itself also has a huge promotion effect on the terminal sales. In the freezer, it is difficult not to bring a cup of iced bayberry with a bright red color and a full sense of ice.

iced myrica rubra

The capacity of 350ml, no more or less, is suitable for various consumption scenarios, whether it is traditional channels such as convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, or catering, banquets, parties, or Internet cafes, clubs, KTV, etc. Not only that, the iced myrica rubra is also very suitable as a regular drink at home in summer, and a 15-bottle can be brought home and kept in the refrigerator.

The iced myrica rubra will be popular again in this coming summer

In the summer of recent years, Yetai’s iced myrica rubra has been popular frequently with its excellent taste, unique packaging and various eating methods, and has become a must-have drink in the summer in the foodie circle. As for how to eat, iced bayberry has also become the first choice for preparing various summer drinks. Bing bayberry can be seen in bartending, fruit tea, ice cream, and smoothie.

iced myrica rubra

Iced myrica rubra is on fire, and many imitators have entered the game. Due to hasty response and lack of preparation, there is a big gap in color and taste. After entering the terminal market, there is no response, and soon disappears from the public’s sight. .

Yetai’s ice myrica rubra series has already withstood the severe test of consumers and competing products in the terminal market. In the early summer of this year, the ice-cold upgrade and the return of the king have once again detonated the terminal market.

Ice bayberry

The heat is approaching, whoever occupies the freezer will take the initiative in the terminal market, stock up in advance, and deploy as soon as possible, Bing Yangmei will help you occupy the freezer, and the terminal will be popular, and there will be a bright red scene everywhere, making money is a matter of course.

In the hot summer, there is nothing that a cup of ice bayberry can’t solve. If there is, then two cups!


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